Modification Factory

Here you will find the most popular brands we mod, if yours isn't on here give us a call!

We can mod almost any Boss Pedal.

Boss Mods

We can mod a large amount of MXR designs.

MXR Pedal Mods

We can mod almost all of the Dunlop Wah range.

Dunlop Logo

All vintage DOD pedals can be modded.

DOD Pedal Mods

We can mod all vintage EHX pedals and a select range of modern units.

EHX Pedal Mods

There are a select number of Digitech pedals we can mod.

Digitech Pedal Mods

Almost all VooDoo Lab pedals can be tweaked.

Voodoo Lab Pedal Mods

All vintage design Ibanez pedals can be modded.

Ibanez Pedal Mods

All Ross pedals can be modded.

Ross Pedal Mods